Coffee Makes You Black is a mission-led community hub

We offer fresh food and networking opportunities in an urban afrocentric space; serving as a social, political and economic resource center with southern comfort inspired cuisine.

We offer a unique dining experience that allows you to network with the professionals around you while also enjoying a quality meal.

What is “Coffee Makes You Black”?

“Coffee Makes You Black” is rooted in uplifting and empowering the local Black community. The name consciously destigmatizes Blackness by taking a jab at an old derogatory saying that states, “If you drink coffee you’ll become Black”.

Instead of burying this example of our history, Coffee Makes You Black takes it head on and reclaims the saying.

How We Give Back & Support Our Community

We’re a mission-led restaurant that embodies what it means to truly celebrate Black culture and support our community.

Coffee Makes You Black has been described by locals as, “One of very few spaces in the city that is authentically Black, from the food and staff to the decor and music, a space where Black folks can walk in and see themselves represented.”

We pride ourselves on being more than a restaurant, but a safe haven for all and a place for the community, by the community where you can dine, network, and grow.

Our passion for the community can be seen in the programs we offer, events we host & sponsor, and within our hiring and business practices. We truly takes the concept of giving back to heart - and we hope it shows.

Our Programs
Annual Father & Son Retreat
Big Dave Inner-City Hunting Club for Teens
Community Advocacy
Counseling Services
Culinary Job Training
Jobs Program for Formerly Incarcerated Men
Kitchen Incubator
Teens Grow Greens
Wood Crafting
Where To Find Us

2803 N. Teutonia Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53206

(414) 562-5225